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Friday, 7 February 2014

Nicki's Crochet Club is Open!!

The Crochet Club has arrived! Sign up to join the monthly Club and every month there will be an exclusive Nicki Trench design, with full instructions, charts and lots of tips. You can subscribe by going to my blog and clicking on the Subscribe button on the right hand side. 

I'll also be able to give you a discount on the materials for the project each month. February's project is a gorgeous scarf using Rooster Aran yarn, a mix of alpaca and merino wool. The wool usually sells for £4.95 per ball, but I can get a discount for you of £3.95 per ball (for Club members only). This first project takes 4 balls of wool.

Once you have signed up for the Club, I will email you a pdf of the pattern and you can then decide if you'd like the wool and you'll need to let me know by email for this first month until the new website is up and running. I will then send you a link to buy the wool and dispatch it next week.

This is a new venture so please bear with me while we get it up and started, the new website will be ready soon. Please give me lots of feedback so I can make the Club work for you.

Nicki xx

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