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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Crochet Living Projects


Anonymous said...

Lovely comment from Angie:

Dear Nicki

Thank you so much for sending me the book so quickly. Fantastic service. And it's such a pretty book - it's so beautifully put together and the colours are gorgeous. I can't wait to get started.

Threads said...

Nicki, PLEASE can you help? I am trying to crochet your lovely Floral Beret hat in Crochet Living but cannot get the right amount of 4trCL to fit in row 9? Apparently I should have 7 by the end of the row, but I only ever have 4?. Also, If I follow the instructions for the 4tr CL, I only have 4 loops on hook not 5??? I have re-done this row about 10 times now and still cant figure it out. PLEASE HELP ME!?

Melanie said...

Hi can I first say beautifull book, love the colours and the patterns are lovely. I am trying to make the carmen blanket. I have spent ages on the 9th round and either I have messed up earlier round completely (although I have the correct amount of stitches) or the pattern is wrong. It says to [miss 2sts, V st in next st] 10 times. I have tried this and it doesn't work at the corners yet if you repeat 9 times it works. Just thought you might want to know for an eratum.

Cant wait until the blanket is finished.