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Thursday, 24 May 2012


It is so long since I've gardened properly. I've been living in a rented house and although it has had a veggie patch, I just couldn't really get into it. I'm moving again though soon and will have a lovely veg patch, which I've just started. Getting excited again and planted loads last weekend. No greenhouse, but planted seeds straight into the ground, so fingers crossed this lovely weather stays.


Ann said...

I think lots of gardeners are late planting this year - I have only planted my veggie seeds this week too. And I haven't planted any flowers yet! Hope for sunny days and rain showers at night!

Nicki I love your quilting book. Some really original ideas as well as plenty of lovely traditional projects.

John Laser said...

Hmm after the huge downpour of rain recently, have you got any advice for how to rescue the situation? My garden is like a swamp!