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Thursday, 12 April 2012

Landscape Magazine

I've just received a copy of this through my letter box this morning and was very pleasantly surprised. This is the launch issue and it's really gorgeous and I'm sure will be very successful. It's very glossy, is based around the growing seasons and 'will celebrate the joy of the garden, simple seasonal kitch food, traditonal British crafts and the wonder of nature and the countryside' - just up my street and I can't wait.

Editor Sheena Harvey believes Landscape will be a "a haven from the pressures of modern living, a chance to slow down and a reminder of the good things in life." She says: "It is a truly unique offering".

I've designed a little crochet project for this first issue, but I'm not just biased because of that. The whole launch has been very hush hush, so I hadn't seen the rest of the magazine. It launches on the 18th April - get it!

There will be a website:


Stins said...

Looks good!
I'm curious if it's a lot different from
other already existing magazines; I certainly
hope so.
By the way, I almost finished a crochet bear
from your "cute and easy" book.
I made it for "Poekie", a Belgium charity for
children with cancer.
I'll put a picture of it on my blog soon.
Kind regards from Mirjam.

Emmie and Emma said...

ooh another lovely magazine to tempt me...I shall look out for it and your article!can't wait! x