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Monday, 29 August 2011

So near, but yet so far

I only have to make one more project for the crochet book - well at least I think so... But I've spent the last couple of days completely wasting my time making a rattle which is useless, it's so top heavy with bells and stuffing that the head just wobbles off - so that's a reject.

Then I thought I'd make a bib with a heart on the top using a cotton, but the intarsia just looks rubbish using cotton, it just doesn't merge together well and looks more like something you'd get in a jumble sale (do they still have those?).

So I'm rejecting them both and now have to think of another accessory that would work well in the book.

The end is in sight. Perhaps I should just do some gardening tomorrow and take a bit of a rest - the creativity might come to me when I'm digging.

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