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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My wonderful weekend

I just took a break for a long weekend and had such a great time. Here are some pics from my very rare visit to North of Watford. I'm such a sheltered Southern girl and I had no idea what was in front of my nose. I visited some wonderful friends in Stokesley, North Yorkshire and taught one of their guests to crochet: I was treated to the most fantastic food and reconnected with some special company:

I dug myself deep into the sand on a beach in Saltburn by Sea: Saw the prettiest beach huts ever:

Saw some gorgeous colours and crisp horizons and ate chocolate ice cream:

Fell in love with the donkeys on the beach:

Then I left to visit Andy just outside Chester for an evening of delicious pasta and homegrown tomatoes from his patio and the next morning to meet with Johnny at Laughing Hens. We spent lots of time talking fabrics, wool and choosing colours for the new Rooster seaside range.

It was a real treat.


Amy said...

What a nice weekend! Saltburn looks wonderful. Just had to look up where it is! Maybe one of these days I'll get an opportunity to see it myself. Take care A

Nicki Trench said...

It's definately worth it. I loved it there.