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Sunday, 10 July 2011

The morning after the wedding the day before

This is Chris & Besh's house this morning after their wedding party last night.

Much calmness when we all emerged from tents, bedrooms, floors, marquees and sleeping bags. We all sat in the glorious sunshine drinking coffee, tea while Chris barbecued some of his home produced sausages and bacon. It was all perfect and relaxed and beautiful.The best cowboy tent ever... I love my tent and long may it last. When we opened it out yesterday we found rabbit poo inside - thanks Maddy (who had it last).

Love this lamb. So glad he wasn't the one that was spit roasted last night. Chris & Besh, married at last after 5 children and 20 years together!

My happy free hen.... the one that got away..

Looking bewildered and bedraggled...

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