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Monday, 18 July 2011


Apparently have strained a ligament in my shoulder, so am delegating any crochet for the time being and concentrating on designing rather than making for a few days. So am making a big push to finish the patchwork/quilting book this week.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours sorting all through my fabrics and put them into colour order and then I had complete fabric blindness when it came to choosing the fabrics for my next project. I had to call on the emergency family and dragged them from the comfort of their Sunday afternoon armchairs, through the rain to my lounge to help me choose some fabrics for a bag project. Thank you Natalie and my niece Rebecca. In the end Natalie chose this combination..... and it looks absolutely lovely all made up. Feeling very lucky I have such creativity in my family to get me out of the creative hole when I need it....

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