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Sunday, 10 July 2011


Feeling fed up. I have been working on a project with these embroideries for the past month. It's not completed yet as I'm still awaiting some finishing touches to come in the post, but I've just seen that someone else is making something similar. Not exactly the same, but I really thought I had the original idea! Still you can't always get it completely right, but I'm going to turn it into something wonderful and beautiful in any case.....

It just goes to show that most of this making business is just reconstituted, regurgitated, reborn. We have been doing this for centuries, so nothing is ever entirely original. But I really love turning vintage fabrics into something lovely and these embroideries have either been sitting in old, dark cupboards for years and now it's time for them to have a new airing!!

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Ann said...

Well I for one really look forward to your project. I've been using old embroidered fabrics too and think its great to give them a new life instead of sitting in a drawer where nobody can see someone once spent hours with needle and thread on something special for a loved home.