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Friday, 29 July 2011

Pattern help

I'm looking for someone who can size up/down crochet patterns. I have several patterns for baby crochet for the new book I'm working on and have written patterns for one size, but we need several sizes of baby, so I need someone who can do the calculation. If you or you know of anyone who may be interested, could you contact me.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Project number 32

Only 3 more to go!

The beginnings of something wonderful:

Monday, 18 July 2011


Apparently have strained a ligament in my shoulder, so am delegating any crochet for the time being and concentrating on designing rather than making for a few days. So am making a big push to finish the patchwork/quilting book this week.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours sorting all through my fabrics and put them into colour order and then I had complete fabric blindness when it came to choosing the fabrics for my next project. I had to call on the emergency family and dragged them from the comfort of their Sunday afternoon armchairs, through the rain to my lounge to help me choose some fabrics for a bag project. Thank you Natalie and my niece Rebecca. In the end Natalie chose this combination..... and it looks absolutely lovely all made up. Feeling very lucky I have such creativity in my family to get me out of the creative hole when I need it....

Jo's New Place

Look what Jo has done with my Dancing Hens Studio space:

This is really lovely.... she is renting out small units to people who want to sell their vintage 'finds'. There are some really interesting and beautiful things and it's really worth a browse.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Crochet Day

I've been crocheting since 9am and have been at it non stop for 7 hours, as a consequence I can't move my left arm above my waist. This is a disaster as there are so many more projects to go and in so little time.

I had to turn round a project in a day and get it straight back to the publisher for photography. I'm just hoping it looks ok, it's very difficult to make a dress for a rabbit with a big bobbly tail sticking out the back.

This is a stitch I've done for one of the other projects, which is my most favourite stitch, I love all the Rooster Yarns colours too. We producing some new colours especially for the book, which I'm really excited about.

I'm resting today and sewing for a couple of days to see if my arm/shoulder improves so I can get back to more crochet next week.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What I've been doing today

What can I say..... I'm feel as mad as this looks..... Just seen some first images of the quilting book and it looks absolutely gorgeous. It's nicer than I could ever of hoped it would be. Cico Books have done my projects very proud.

Sunday, 10 July 2011


Feeling fed up. I have been working on a project with these embroideries for the past month. It's not completed yet as I'm still awaiting some finishing touches to come in the post, but I've just seen that someone else is making something similar. Not exactly the same, but I really thought I had the original idea! Still you can't always get it completely right, but I'm going to turn it into something wonderful and beautiful in any case.....

It just goes to show that most of this making business is just reconstituted, regurgitated, reborn. We have been doing this for centuries, so nothing is ever entirely original. But I really love turning vintage fabrics into something lovely and these embroideries have either been sitting in old, dark cupboards for years and now it's time for them to have a new airing!!

The morning after the wedding the day before

This is Chris & Besh's house this morning after their wedding party last night.

Much calmness when we all emerged from tents, bedrooms, floors, marquees and sleeping bags. We all sat in the glorious sunshine drinking coffee, tea while Chris barbecued some of his home produced sausages and bacon. It was all perfect and relaxed and beautiful.The best cowboy tent ever... I love my tent and long may it last. When we opened it out yesterday we found rabbit poo inside - thanks Maddy (who had it last).

Love this lamb. So glad he wasn't the one that was spit roasted last night. Chris & Besh, married at last after 5 children and 20 years together!

My happy free hen.... the one that got away..

Looking bewildered and bedraggled...

Friday, 8 July 2011

Today's project

Finally finished
Am really enjoying this freehand embroidery.

All the components. an unfinished seagull. He gets better, honest.

Veggie Garden

Am really enjoying picking and eating the vegetables from my garden at the moment. Just suddenly noticed the pea pods dripping from the plants this evening and yesterday Camilla and i picked all these.....

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Crochet day

Crochet day today. A little rest for the sewing machine. My mother has just finished a really cute project today using a newly made up Star Stitch.

A couple of very much appreciated crocheters helping on this book. Received a gorgeous colourful garland from Emma and two beautiful and interesting projects from Sue (one with water melons) and the cutest item from Fran with ribbons and flowers.

Spent the evening stuffing a head and making ears in a beautiful new lilac aran shade coming soon from Rooster Yarns.

Enough to start firing the creative juices and getting inspired to do some more.

Quilting day tomorrow, working on a project found at the St Albans Vintage Emporium at the weekend.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Happy Birthday 21st Birthday, Camilla

Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Brighton yesterday. We were a group of nine people. The food and service was excellent. Everybody enjoyed their meal; it was very simple and informal.

Just off the seafront it was the most stunning day and the sea was such a gorgeous colour. A really good day.