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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Knitting with Children

I'm writing an article for Knit Today about children learning to knit. If any of you have any tips or tricks or stories about learning to knit or teaching your children to knit, would you let me know.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Rhona, from Baldock, north hertfordshire and I taught some children knitting for about a year at a school. I learnt much along the way about ways to help coach them as they're learning, using analogies and so on. One of the most useful tips I'd offer is since there are such basic steps to knitting, offer these in form of a simple fun rhyme, there are many i'm sure out there but what worked for me and my groups was this one: 'IN through the front door, run AROUND THE BACK, pop THROUGH the window, OFF jumps jack'. the capitals being the steps to knitting. I also soon realised whilst novelty yarns and chunky needles are fun, in fact good ole plain cotton dk in vibrant shades on 4.5mm SHORT needles was the way to go. Finally I would definitely avoid the idea of a scarf, it takes too long, they want a result and fast, we did a very very simple shaped garter stitch flower made of 5 petals all the same and one button in middle to hold them all together, also a coaster sized square and a loop as a pan holder. xx

Nicki said...

Hi Rhona. Thanks so much. There are some really useful tips in there. Unfortunately I've sent in my copy to the magazine now and forgot to write about the short needles and rhyme, but great ideas and really useful for anyone reading this and who wants to teach their children to knit.
Kind regards