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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


I've finished the Super Scaries! I've been writing a book recently which has taken up so much of my time, but I finished this week. Not totally finished of course, still lots of checking to do but I can sit back and relax a little for a while.

Blasting full ahead now for the Country Living Show. Lee, our lovely new web designer has been in the studio today with the help of the marvellous Carol. Lots of lovely photos taken - so watch out for a new and revamped website soon to come.


Vera Amos said...

Look forward to seeing the new book. Website sound like its going to be fab.

Lark said...

Hi Nicki, I run a little store in Australia, we just got our copies of your book and just wanted to let you know it is fantastic, we love it and will definitely be getting more copies. Well done!