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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

My guilty pleasure

I'm spending most of my free waking hours working on completely different projects for my new book (yet to be disclosed!), but I can't resist working on this piece. It's made from Rooster Almerino DK in all the colours. I'll be putting a little edging on it and will show it to you when it's finished.


Snappy.girl said...

Your knitted stuff is beautiful, I have heard lots about your knitting through my mother nicky hale and my godmother Emma Lightfoot although I don't knit or crochet myself I love buying knitted and crochet items! (or just stealing things my mum has made ha!) However I do photography and just started a theatrical and media makeup course at college which you can see in my blogs Naomi x

Camilla Perkins said...
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Nicki Trench said...

Thank you Naomi, I'll have a look at your blog too. Good luck with the course. x