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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maddy's Patchwork

Here is Maddy's patchwork that I finally finished this week. I love this blanket. I don't know if it's because I've made it for my youngest daughter who's leaving for university tomorrow or just love the colours. I've made it out of all my scraps of fabrics, so they each have a memory for me. I only wish I'd saved some of Maddy's clothes from when she was little, but that would just have made me weep buckets into the blanket as I was making it.

There's something about the leaving of your youngest child, even though you know they're going to come back and she's only in south London, so not exactly a million miles away. But university seems a bit of a right of passage these days and she thinks she's leaving home - which makes me sad.


Emma Lightfoot said...

That's so lovely and such nice words too x

Gillian French said...

My 18 year old "baby" is off to Lancaster Uni soon (from Epsom area) and I'm also making her a quilt - bright pinks and lime greens. Not as lovely as yours!! Keep smiling - they're only a web cam away!!! Gillian x

Vera Amos said...

Thats beautiful, a lot of love and hard work went into making it, I'm sure. It is sad when they fly the nest, mine is yet too but still considering Uni so might happen soon. Take care and I will definately pop over again soon. Nicky x

Nicki said...

Thank you for all your comments. I'm fine with it, really!