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Sunday, 25 April 2010


Just back from Wonderwool. Really enjoyed helping on the Laughing Hens stand and spending some time with Andy and Jeni.

These photos are my favourites from the show. They are pretty random because I can't get them into an order.

Pretty handmade tea cosy:Andy's Shetland: Saras Texture Crafts:
Raggedy Girl:
Raggedy Clothes:
Crochet purses from Hooked By Design:

Phil from The Natural Dye Studio:

The Natural Dye Studio:

John Arbon Textiles & Fibres:
Jenny Oliver:
Hooked By Design:

Hemp Fabric UK:
Felt So Nice: One of my favourite stands: Eliza Conway. She always has a really pretty stand with fresh flowers and really lovely handmade designs:
Sparkly Yarns, but I lost their card with the name of the stand! Sorry.

Another favourite stand with fabrics and bobbins: The Deco Shop:
Gorgeous Angora bunny:
Ingrid Wagner: - Giant knitting with really interesting fabrics, see her website for more details. I really liked Jeni's sign and am a huge fan of her yarn, particularly Scrumptious DK. Watch this space as Jeni and I are thinking of working together on a new brand of fabrics:

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carole said...

a great post on wonderwool - thank you for choosing my stand to show on your blog!