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Friday, 23 April 2010

Travels with my daughter

Here are a collection of photos I thought you might like from Muscat. The fabric is mostly from a Souq in Muttrah and other shops in the Seeb area of Muscat. Souqs are wonderful places, full of little narrow alleys with people selling all sorts of fabrics, textiles, bits and bobs - it was just total heaven.

Omani family:
Omani hats:

Fabric shop:
My favourite fabric.... to make a patchwork blanket:
You can tell I was in this shop for a long time...... Camilla was getting bored!Doing the deal...Incense shop at Muttrah Souq:Incense sellers:Supermarket trips - often! They were a welcome air conditioned break from the heat...
Dresses at the tailors where I had some clothes made... not like this though!
Choosing more fabrics:
Gorgeous ribbons:

1 comment: said...

lovely photos Nicki. Looks like a fabulous trip. I bet your bags were stuffed full of delicious fabrics! glad you got home safely,