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Saturday, 10 April 2010

More Arabian News

It's certainly fabric heaven. We've spent so much time trailing the streets and shops looking for fabric to make up some garments. Some fantastic fabrics have been found, but you really have to sift through the tat to find the gems. The fun has been in the searching through endless little back streets in the swealtering heat. Eventually after going to endless 'Gents' Tailors, we found a Ladies Tailor and took the fabric there this morning. If it works out well I'm going to get some designs made up to sell in the UK, so watch this space...

Here are some pics from the supermarket and fabric shops. This is before I got chucked out of the supermarket for taking photos. He thought I was a store detective.

Off to an Omani/Pakistani restaurant tonight - all men in beautiful turbans, outside, heat, dust and delicious basic spicy food.

This keyboard doesn't do 't's very well - so I'm giving up now - it's oo much hard work!


Vera Amos said...

Wow, fabric heaven, you lucky thing, it is so hard to not spend all day in these places. I will be looking with anticipation on your blog to see the finished garments.

Emma F said...

Nicki - will you be able to get hoooooooome?! Icelandic volcano causing chaos here!