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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Hurry I'm in Oman!

Well, I've found an internet place, hardly a cafe though. It's a tiny cubicle obviously made for little Bangladeshi men, because they're very tiny. But it's just big enough to squeeze my bum in which is going to get bigger over this holiday because the food is sooooo good.

This keypad doesn't work very well and it's just as well I learnt how to touch type on a manual typewriter all those years ago because I'm having to thump very very hard! Camilla is in the next cubicle and we keep being peeped at by little men through the window. They are finding us quite fascinating, or maybe it's just my style of over-the-top typing that more resembles playing something enthusiastically on the piano.

Yesterday we went to a fab haberdashery. I was in heaven and could have bought the whole shop.

Today we've been dumped in this shopping centre for a while because Christopher has a 'client' at home - he is a psycho therapist and not an male prostitute, as Camilla first thought. It's a bit of a modern centre really, but is air conditioned, so a welcome relief from the heat from outside. Being here is a little like being dragged from inside a chest freezer and being put into a tumble dryer on the highest setting.

I haven't taken photos yet, but will start taking some today. There are some wonderful sights and we're planning on buying fabric tomorrow - so I'll see what I can find to show you.

When we get back I'm going to teach Christopher how to make a pavola that we will take as a gift to our hosts of a Biryani evening - am very excited. It's being hosted by some of Christopher's friends, I'm not sure where or why but I'm sure the food will be authentic and I think the host is Pakistani with an Australian mix - so interesting cuisine!

I will keep you all posted when I can next get back to the internet.

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Emma F said...

Got to admit when you said Christopher has a 'client' I did think the worst! Hope you're having a great time and are enjoying the heat!