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Thursday, 15 October 2009


Isn't moving traumatic? It's not that I care much about the material things in the end. We all think we're so attached to shelves and shelves of books, trinkets, bits of ornaments and general stuff, but when it's all packed up and put into boxes, it's only really the kettle, the tea and milk that I'm bothered about and there's something quite liberating about being without all this stuff and clutter we collect over the years - no matter how pretty it might be.
The things that really get me upset are the well being of my daughters, the support and love of my family and friends and my animals. I've found it very upsetting to have to give away most of my hens, some that I've had for years and been very attached to.
I've moved my cats and have kept them inside for a week now, but one of them, Cocoa has tried to escape at every given moment and the minute a gap appeared in the door he's shot out the door. I've managed to coax him back three times, but last night when I was out teaching, he crept up behind Maddy and before she had the chance he'd escaped again and this time she couldn't get him back. When I got home I tried to find him in the pitch dark, but he's gone. Very upsetting and I just hope he manages to find his way back.

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