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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Crochet Bunting

I've now finished the crochet bunting and written up the pattern. This was an experiment to teach crochet edgings in my crochet classes, which I'll be teaching in my evening classes at Acres and I also have a Crochet Bunting Workshop on Saturday 28th November. The flags are really good fun and easy to make and it should make for a good workshop and an opportunity to brush up on the basic stitches and learn a few edgings.

The bunting is made up of doubles, half trebles, trebles with a variety of different edgings. I've used a variety of double knit or aran yarn and used mainly scraps. It's difficult to say how much yarn it uses because it depends how many flags you make. This one is made up of 12 flags and is bound together with two rows of double crochet edge across the top of each one. The whole bunting weighs just under 400g and the top edging used up nearly a whole ball (50g) of wool.

It's very pretty and looks like little frilly knickers!


Gillian said...

Love these Nicki - will you be selling the pattern for them in the future?

Nicki Trench said...

I may sell the pattern. It's likely to go into a book at some point, but I can email it to you if you want.

lovestitches said...

Oh I hope you do sell or share this pattern, it is gorgeous and I definitely want to make a string of bunting for my sewing room/future nursery. What wool did you use? That pink is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nicki,

I think this bunting is just beautiful! I would like to make it for my baby's room. Would it be possible to buy the pattern?

I'll keep my eyes on your blog and await your advice.

Thank you,