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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Crochet Bunting

I've now finished the crochet bunting and written up the pattern. This was an experiment to teach crochet edgings in my crochet classes, which I'll be teaching in my evening classes at Acres and I also have a Crochet Bunting Workshop on Saturday 28th November. The flags are really good fun and easy to make and it should make for a good workshop and an opportunity to brush up on the basic stitches and learn a few edgings.

The bunting is made up of doubles, half trebles, trebles with a variety of different edgings. I've used a variety of double knit or aran yarn and used mainly scraps. It's difficult to say how much yarn it uses because it depends how many flags you make. This one is made up of 12 flags and is bound together with two rows of double crochet edge across the top of each one. The whole bunting weighs just under 400g and the top edging used up nearly a whole ball (50g) of wool.

It's very pretty and looks like little frilly knickers!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sad day

Even though my landlord agreed to letting me keep hens and growing veg - an essential part of my life/writing and everything I do - he has complained about lots of petty issues. So, for the sake of my hens and a calm life I have very very sadly had to rehome my favourite hens until I can find somewhere more suitable to live. But, they have gone to fantastic homes, and Whoopi can be seen at Middle Farm, reunited with her mother, Bertha.

Whoopi at her new home with Tania at Middle Farm, Firle, East Sussex The 'Bettys' at their new home with Ailsa, being greeted by the rest of the flock
Betty checking out the travelling accommodation

Bunting made

Christmas bunting is made ready to demonstrate to my Beginner's Sewing class at Acres: how to attach edging and bias binding. This picture didn't come out that well because it's raining and is a very dull day and I still haven't really got to grips with how my camera works.

I decided not to go typically Christmas in this design, I just chose fabrics that were red and green and that were pretty. So, I've used a combination of floral, spots and tartan. I bought the fabrics from The Patchwork Dog & Basket in Lewes. They're mainly Fat Quarters. I'm going to try and make a patchwork curtain to jolly up my bedroom, so will be searching for some good fabrics, if anyone has any tips on where I can buy some?

My aim is to get all my unfinished projects done in the next couple of days so I can free up my time to work on my next book which is about knitting. It's a bit of a mammoth book, but should be good and trying to think of some lovely projects for it.

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Next project

I'm not really sure what to start on next - I have so many projects I need to do:

  • Write an article on 'Moving with Hens' for Practical Poultry
  • Knit a child's hat for Let's Get Crafting
  • Sew some bunting for the students of my Beginners Sewing evening class, I think I'll theme it Christmas
  • Crochet some bunting for the students of my Beginners Crochet evening class

At last!

At last I have my camera up and running again and am just a little bit more organised and feeling like I have more time to blog again.

Here is a photo of a beautiful little crochet dress that I have designed for a magazine. I will give details later of when it'll be published etc. It's actually easier than it looks. It took me ages to find the right ribbon and colour to go with the pale pink - a much more difficult task than I thought.

Friday, 16 October 2009

My Lovely Hens

I feel so sad for my hens. It's so quiet just having 3 hens. After having about 12 or 15 of them talking, scratching around. The three look a little shell shocked. I don't think they really understand where they are or what's going on and they've gone very quiet and stay very close to their house. I suppose their routine is different. I've been putting them into their run every time I go out because I don't know what the fox situation is here at the new house, and keep worrying that they're going to get attacked during the day because we have so much woodland around here.


I've just had the first copy to proof of Garden Farm.
I am so pleased with it. The photos and design look really lovely. It's a nightmare to proof and going to take all weekend, but I hope it'll be worth it in the end.

Just heard that Super Cute Crochet has reached number 9 in the Book People's Top Ten books this week. How amazing is that!!

Chilli Chutney

Yes, they look wonderful don't they. I'm going to make loads and loads of chilli chutney - my favourite. I didn't used to like chutneys at all and now I can't get enough. I use an adaptation of Jamie Oliver's Cheeky Chilli Chutney. I will make some and post up the recipe.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Just managed to pick the chillies in time before leaving the old house. Have hung them all on ristras and just need somewhere dry to hang them at the new house.


In the woods.


Isn't moving traumatic? It's not that I care much about the material things in the end. We all think we're so attached to shelves and shelves of books, trinkets, bits of ornaments and general stuff, but when it's all packed up and put into boxes, it's only really the kettle, the tea and milk that I'm bothered about and there's something quite liberating about being without all this stuff and clutter we collect over the years - no matter how pretty it might be.
The things that really get me upset are the well being of my daughters, the support and love of my family and friends and my animals. I've found it very upsetting to have to give away most of my hens, some that I've had for years and been very attached to.
I've moved my cats and have kept them inside for a week now, but one of them, Cocoa has tried to escape at every given moment and the minute a gap appeared in the door he's shot out the door. I've managed to coax him back three times, but last night when I was out teaching, he crept up behind Maddy and before she had the chance he'd escaped again and this time she couldn't get him back. When I got home I tried to find him in the pitch dark, but he's gone. Very upsetting and I just hope he manages to find his way back.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Just got back online and have booked two new workshops:

14th November: Super Cute Crochet Workshop - crocheting toys

21st November: Beginners Crochet

When I can find my camera and the charger I will start blogging again!

Friday, 2 October 2009

House Move

All quiet because of the house move. Will get back on to blogging as soon as the mound of boxes have gone and the beds and computer is up at the new place!