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Friday, 4 September 2009

My hens

It's with much regret that I have to rehome my hens. I have 2 Buff Orpingtons, 2 Brahmas, 1 Wellsummer, 1 Black Orpington and 2 ex-battery hens. I also have some young Buff Orpingtons. At the moment I think two of them may be cockerals and one hen. They're about 12 weeks old. The other Buff Orpingtons are quite old (about 5 yrs old), but beautiful nonetheless and I'm really looking for a home where they can free range as they're used to wandering around the garden. If anyone would like to add them to their flock please let me know. I'm letting them go in two's - so the two Buff Orpingtons together etc etc

1 comment:

Joanna said...

Lovely looking hens...I have a couple of Buff Orpingtons they are such characters!