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Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I have got recipes for all these jams and chutneys although I'm not allowed to post them. The Spiced Apple and Walnut is from an old Rick Stein recipe and I have adapted it slightly to add it little more spice to it. The Plum Jam recipe will go in the book also, but this is a very basic recipe which is pretty much the same as any plum jam recipe you'll get. It uses equal quantities of fruit per sugar. Don't bother to de-pip them as the pips all float to the surface and it's much easier to remove them that way. You just cut the fruit in half and throw it in.

One of my favourite recipes at the moment is for Blackberry Cordial which I made this week. It's thick and syrupy and is delicious with fizzy water (or Vodka - haven't tried that yet, but planning to soon).

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