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Monday, 3 August 2009

Nought so queer as folk

Had a great time at the Cambridge Folk Festival. The weather was good most of the time, a few rainy spots, but what would a festival be without mud.

Saw some amazing acts. It's incredible to think that people still think folk music is finger-in-the-ear music, it's traditional but also strikingly contemporary and there was a good mix of young and old people there. My special moments were arriving at the 'Club Tent' at 9am on the first morning and coming across a fantastic man: Brian McNeill, teaching a fiddle workshop. We all became Brian fans from there on and followed him around his various performances throughout the festival. Needless to say I'm now determined to go out and learn how to folk fiddle (not fiddle with folk).

Other highlights were the at the singing workshop with Rachel Unthank on Saturday morning. We had just gone to see what was happening at the tent and as we approached heard the beautiful sound of the whole tent singing. The Scottish Showcase on Stage 2 was fab. Loved Bellohead and Jon Boden was mesmerising. But you can't beat having your own personal entertainment and Bobby (Maddy's boyfriend below) played us the most wonderful songs inside and outside our tent, which made early morning and late night camping more than bearable. He got a slot in the Club Tent too and was fantastic.


Catherine said...

Ah, a fellow folkie and crafter! Actually, there's probably a fair few of those, but not many people are sure what a melodeon is when I tell them I'm learning it! You should try Towersey Village Festival next - ever been? Lovely blog, like your products too.

Nicki Trench said...

Thank you!