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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Chutney and Jam craze

I can't seem to stop myself from making chutneys and jams. I've become obsessed.
I think it's a bit of diversion from the tasks that I really should be doing - my escapism from work, looking for somewhere to live, packing up my house, getting the family sorted and so on.
Luckily some of these recipes will be going in my new book.

I truly lost it the other night when, for no apparent reason I found myself crochet circles to go over the jars! 'Jar hats' as the girls called them, as they giggled and looked at me like I was a mad old woman. Needless to say we were all watching Jam & Jerusalem on the tv. I blame the WI.

Please someone save me or I'll be knitting loo roll holders next !!!

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